Name: MAYA / Gender: Female / Nationality: Japanese


(Photo: Soneva Kiri /  Mandarin Oriental Bangkok / Sofitel So Bangkok)


バンコク在住のトラベルブロガー。 10代の頃、旅の素晴らしさに目覚める。結婚後は夫婦で、また子供が0歳の時から子連れ旅をスタートさせ、2010年-2017年までの8年間に通算87回家族旅行へ出かけた子連れトラベラー。世界中を視野に旅を続けているが、子供が小さいためタイ国内旅行を中心に続けるうち、その魅力に取りつかれる。







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(Photo: Conrad Koh Samui)


MAYA is a Travel writer, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her passion to travel started before her 20s. After the marriage, she traveled with her family even her baby was 0 year old. From 2010 to 2017, she has been travelling with her family (the husband and daughter) totally 87 times.

The destnations were mainly within Thailand because it was more convenient for her little one. But she realized that Thailand has great attractions for visitors to be proud of. After fascinated very much by the beautiful places in Thailand, she focuses on to explore more Luxury Hotels & Resorts domestically.

Her dream is to achieve 100 times of family trips as well as to visit all luxury beach resorts within Thailand until 2020.

It is also MAYA’s favorite to visit five star hotels, popular restaurants in Bangkok. She has been introducing  Bangkok and Thailand as one of the most attractive destinations in the world by her works.

In her BLOG, you may find travel reports outside of Thailand and her daily lifestyle.


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